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Jackie our Matchmaker (and my daughter) is on maternity leave
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By now you have been enjoying some fun events with 7 in Heaven.

I want to introduce you to our other program for Personal MATCHMAKING

Feel unsure and uncomfortable navigating the "singles scene" on your own?
Looking for a more private way to meet dates?

Online dating becoming a chore, feeling like another part time job?
Leaving you less time to date and more time spent looking?

Or maybe you've had enough of the typical bar scene,
friends and family have set you up on some crazy blind dates,
and yet nothing is working for you…

Maybe its time to try something different?

ADD your name to the WAIT LIST - for Matchmaking services


Why hire me to be your personal matchmaker?
  • All clients are qualified and screened before meeting and had a background check.
  • We want you to be successful so not everyone is accepted as a client.
  • Personal service, we work together as a team. You will never be passed around to other employees about your private concerns.
  • We currently have 7800+ singles and new singles signing up everyday through our sister company 7 in Heaven, increasing your success in finding the right partner.
  • GAIL has 10 years experience as a corporate recruiter (headhunter) and single organizer helping hundreds of singles make connections
  • JACKIE has a B.A. degree in Psychology and is very good at helping with the fears and concerns of dating.
  • Certified Professional Matchmakers Association and VOTED BEST of LONG ISLAND DATING SERVICE 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2017

Gail's daughter Jackie
How does your personal introduction program work?
  • Pay as you go! Matchmakers traditionally take thousands of dollars up front from you before you even see one client… Heavenly Match has an initial $99 application processing fee, and then only charges you for the dates you agreed to go out on after you have reviewed profile and pictures.
  • Personal Date introductions are arranged with pre qualified candidates
  • Hand picked Matches are received by email from me with a brief Bio and photo of the potential Date (PHOTO'S ARE VIEWED)
  • When you and the potential match both agree to meet, (photos viewed) we arrange the date for you and then invoice you $75 for the first date introduction.
  • No requirements on how many dates you must go on, you are in control of who you want to date and you can go on arranged dates as many times as you wish for one year! 
Our application fee is just $99 to get started!
Payment by Credit Card, or you can pay by Check or Cash at the day of our meeting
Check out all the additional services included with the application fee!
Its a proven fact, the more energy and ways you can get out there and successful "network" to reach you goal, the faster your dreams will come true. We are on the same team on this journey, and I will help you... help yourself
  • Coaching, Advice, and Support to create and achieve your goal/dream!
    I will give you the tools, show you how to use them, so you will be successful in all areas of your life
  • Complimentary Review of your Online Profile revising suggestions
    YES online dating. You need to cast a wide net and online dating is one of many ways to find someone. I will help you with this project and mode of meeting someone, create, guide and improve your online profile to get better results.
  • DISCOUNTED EVENTS with 7 in Heaven Single Events
Once your application is processed, you will automatically be a "DISCOUNT MEMBER" of 7 in Heaven. You will be able to attend one COMPLIMENTARY SPEED DATING EVENT (a $38 Value) and attend any ACTIVITY EVENT receive $10 off each event you attend for a 6 month period. The purpose is to have fun meeting lots of singles in a more casual way while receiving your personal qualified dates from me.
What is the first step to get started?

ADD your name to the WAIT LIST - for Matchmaking services


After you register with questionnaire, we make an appointment to discuss your questionnaire, past history and current situation. We will set goals, and discuss any blocks that have been standing in your way and get your life moving in the right direction to make your perfect heavenly match!

This meeting is arranged at a location close and convenient to you, or in your home/ office if you prefer, and will require about 45 mins of your time, so we need to pick a time so we can accomplish this.

Appointments are scheduled
10am – 8pm TUES, WED
or THURSDAY 10am- 3pm

After your application has been received, I will contact you to make an appointment and get you closer to your dream today!
Or call me to answer any questions you may have 631 592 9804 landline