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Although I know of hundreds of connections, and marriages made through 7 in Heaven, not everyone takes the time to write to me and let me know how they have met someone fabulous attending my events. 

Thank you to all that have done so, as your happiness, is my joy
for allowing me to know this really does work

 Please keep those notes coming.

X-Treme Bowling Mixer  ~   JOSEPH and MARIE'S LOVE CONNECTION
Dear Gail,

I am writing to you to let you know I met Marie the love of my life
on 11/25/17 at your X-Treme Bowling Mixer in Mineola.

Thanks to your event we ended up on the same Age Group Team. My friend Joan who also attended, gave me that little push I needed that night to go over to her and sit and talk. So glad I did because we really hit it off that night.

We are both very happy together, and when you look at our picture you see how we are glowing with happiness.

We went on a 2nd date soon after and we both discovered there was a big attraction and connection. We must of went out about 30 times after that... lol

Please add our success story to your web site. Without your event we would have never met. You always say bowling has the most connections and for me that was so true!

Thank you so much Gail. I wanted to let you know whats going on.

I know we are truly meant to be.

Joseph L.

Jones Beach Hotel SPEED DATING  ~   KEN and JUDYANN
Hi Gail
I had tried the on line dating sites before with minimal success.
One night last year my friend Paul asked me if i wanted to join him at speed dating.
At first i was a little apprehensive, but I decided to go. My goals that evening was just to go out and have fun, I had no expectations.

Well on 11/20/15 at the Jones Beach Hotel speed dating event, I met a lady who has changed my life in so many ways. As the movie says you complete me !! Well no truer words have been said, because JudyAnn really does complete my life. Judyann and I have been dating for the past two months and it has been the best 2 month of my life. We get along as though we know each other for years. We are the best of friends and an even better couple. I couldn't be a happier man as Judyann is the love of my life....

Gail, thank you for all of the great experiences I have had in your group.
I will continue to recommend your 7 in Heaven group to others, as I would not have found the best relationship of my life without you.


Black Forest Brew Haus's SPEED DATING  ~   JOHN and ELANIE
Dear Gail,
One of my lasting memories of that faithful evening is the way your eyes lit up when I told you at the end of the event that I was  interested in Elaine. There was something in the way you repeated her name with a sly grin on your face that told me that you approved of my choice. 

And what a sage you turned out to be!

Fast forward 8 mos. later, and things are still fabulous! Imagine me, the person accused by many of being too picky, saying that Elaine is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't think that I will ever forget my first Speed Dating event with you, because it gave me a brand new avenue to explore for meeting people (and totally rewrote what I thought about Speed Dating from having seen the movie Hitch). I cannot tell you how impressed I was by how normal and friendly everyone was toward me that night.
Thanks Gail for everything and keep doing what you do!
Be well my friend.


One Year Later
Last Saturday morning I rented the Elwood Theater in East Northport to show a home made movie.  Elaine had no idea what was coming because she thought we were going to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  Since the movie theater was pitch black when we walked in, she had no idea that our family and close friends had arrived a half hour before we did and were sitting in front of us. You can imagine her surprise and ultimate joy when the movie told a comical version of our courtship and culminated in my wedding proposal.  The look of confusion on her face as she kept looking back and forth at me and the movie screen was totally priceless.  When the lights finally came up my nieces held up a sign that read "say Y-E-S" with the words "welcome to the family" inside the letter E.  After I reminded her that this was the part that required an answer from her, Elaine responded with a resounding yes.

3 years later
John and Elaine, stopped by Finley's of Huntington, which is just one of the many places I host events. The couple stopped in to say hi, and and show off with a smile, their new wedding rings.  

They were married on a beautiful Island with close family and friends. John whispered THANK YOU to me as he left holding hands with Elaine. 
PS: John did not attend ONE event to have this happen. But because he continued to attend with a good outlook and attitude, his success did not take long. 
PS: John did not attend ONE event to have this happen. But because he continued to attend with a good outlook and attitude, his success did not take long. 

Halloween Party  ~   Michael and Sheryl Love Story
I wanted to give you some great news about a very successful match made at your Halloween Party last year. Michael and I met that night. Went out on our first date the very next day. Today, 9 months later ... HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! Thank you so much!

Who would have thought -- a tourist and a witch would be a match made in heaven?
And a note from Michael
Thank you very much for all of your work, Gail! 

**UPDATE** A Beautiful Wedding Story

NOV 30th 2012
I am having the time of my life at this year's Port Jefferson Dickens Festival

The fairytale dream wedding has come to life. Nothing could be more perfect as this has been. I feel like Cinderella! I am wearing the most beautiful clothing. I went to the ball. I married Michael J. Freed, my Prince Charming.

I have enjoyed some of the most wonderful meals and ambiance at some incredible restaurants including: Ruvo where we had the wedding, The Steam Room where we grabbed a quick bite, Schaffer's who provided delectables at the ball, Pace's who provided some of the food for the characters, Tequilla Jack's where we toasted to our future. And, the celebration is continuing all weekend in a beautiful sea-side town turned back in time to the Victorian Era, my favorite time period, all decked out for my favorite holiday season.

The well wishes from family and friends who have traveled from near and far as well as the many new people we have met this weekend have been overwhelming. Some amazing moments for me included: the little baby boy who had been crying after seeing Santa turning to all smiles when he saw me and reaching for a hug and the little girl whose eyes and mouth popped opened wide and asked if I was Cinderella. I was asked if I was the Sugar Plum Fairy, Mrs. Christmas, the Snow Queen, and a princess; I was proud to tell them I was a bride!

PS: My groom and I were even interviewed by Ken Grimball from News12. —
at Port Jefferson, NY

Speed Dating Nov 30 2012  ~   MADELINE and FRANK'S CONNECTION


Thank you so much for all you do.

Frank and I met at your speed dating event at the Blue Lagoon around this time of year.
It was my first time at speed dating and you sat me down at what you said was "lucky table # 7."
You were so right.
We've been dating for the past two years and planning a future together.

Frank is my sweetest friend, the man of my dreams and I will never forget the role you played in introducing us. We are both so grateful to you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Madeline and Frank

Memorial Day Annual BBQ May 2012  ~   MATTHEW and MADDIE


Matthew and I are proud to announce our marriage.

We met at the Memorial Day BBQ 2012, he was the cook, I was the veggie burger lady at the BBQ

Matt and I attended a mini golf event a week later, soon he called me and we went on a date.

It was amazing, he made me laugh, we had a lot in common and our relationship blossomed from there.
Our families blended and grew and we knew we were meant to be together- so now, we are married and loving it!!

Gotta be in it to win it !!

Thank you

Madeline and Matt

Speed POOL (Billiards) event at the HUB  ~   JULIO and HEATHER
Hi Gail,

I thought it was worthwhile letting you know about a success story from attending one of your events in Oceanside more than 3 years ago. When people ask how we met, we still fondly recall all the details from that night.

Both me and my wife, Heather, were invited as secondary guests through our friends and after a 2.5 year courtship we married last October. Although we only attended one of your events, there was just the right connection and fortunate timing to develop into a life together.

Best wishes to you and a prosperous business.

Julio R. Sanchez

Finley's SPEED DATING   ~   KATIE and DOUG
Dear Gail: 
It was only about four months ago on a summer afternoon when I decided to give speed dating a try again. 
The night of the event, I walked in Finley's of Huntington Village, and I started thinking what a positive experience this would be.
I imagined meeting different types of people, absorbing the summer breeze outdoors while enjoying a nice buffet dinner and a cocktail. 
I met several interesting men and shared many smiles and laughs. The night was going very well. 
Then I met Doug, in one of my turns, and our personalities were very compatible, there was harmonious chemistry between us. He had a cute laugh and beautiful white teeth. 
I left Finley's that night looking forward to getting my matches the following day. 
As I drove home, I had an idea of who my matches might have been, however, Doug was the guy I was happiest about meeting.
The next day, I received my matches via email along. I also received an email from Doug, next a phone call, next a wonderful and memorable date. 
I am pleased to report Doug and I just moved into a cozy little cottage, overlooking a beautiful little lake. We are both very happy together and are thankful we were given the opportunity to meet at 7-in Heaven Speed Dating. 
Thank you, Gail! 
Warmest Regards, 

Treehouse Merrick SPEED DATING   ~   PAT and RICK
Hi Gail,
Although you've lost a co-host, I am happy to report that Rick & myself are very happy together after dating almost six months. We met at one of your speed dating events at the Treehouse in Merrick and it's been absolutely wonderful since then. I couldn't imagine someone that I would get along with better than Rick.
He is a "one in a million".
I worked as your co-host for over 2 years but it just took that one special person who caught my eye and visa versa. Patience paid off!
We look forward to many, many more happy times together.
I know you miss your long time co-host, but a success testimonial says more about your business and how it really does bring people together. Keep up the good work, Gail!

Steve and Diane met at a Speed Dating event, in 2010.

They spent a wonderful year together. However this story does not end happily, as Steve passed away at a young age

CLICK HERE to read full story ....

Salsa Dance Lessons   ~   JIM and JENNIFER'S CONNECTION
It was your singles dance at the 56Th Fighter Group on Tue. Sept. 8Th 2009 that you introduced me to Jennifer "A new first timer" with your 7-in-heaven singles group!

We were sitting down at the same table eating the food that you had arranged for the group, in between the dancing sessions. You came over to me and introduced Jen to me and said something about her being new. I had already checked her out on the dance floor but as luck would have it we never did get to dance w/ each other as there were a lot of people there that night! I was glad you took the time to say hello to me and to introduce me to Jennifer!

We spent the rest of the night talking, getting to know each other. I asked her to go to the outdoor area to talk cause it was a little noisy and it was a nice night. We took a couple of drinks with us and had more great conversations. I asked her if she wanted to sit down at a table and she agreed. I actually stunned her as I pulled out the chair for her (I guess women are not use to meeting many gentlemen). We stayed outside till we noticed they were locking up the outside doors (trying to lock us out of the bldg.--they were shutting down for the night at 11:00 pm).

We continued our conversation in a fairly empty parking lot for about another hour and we exchanged phone numbers. We have had many great dates since then and we both believe we have great chemistry together since that first meeting! I have never felt this intense an attraction for anyone ever (and I'm 44 and have dated many, although never married and she'll be 41 in another week. She was never married and had no children-- a must for me as I want to start my own family. She is very pretty, smart, and tiny--more must haves for me as I am also a very picky guy). Thank you Gail for what you have done for us!

I'll keep you informed as our relationship grows stronger all the time!
Thank you

UPDATE: 11/1/2009 9:33 AM - Jim writing to his friend Bill to encourage him to get out and give it a try!
Gail the owner of this company the one you met and ate burgers w/ at her boat slip and the one that introduced me to Jennifer!! Has some great stuff for you to try out and meet new singles! 

It couldn't hurt for you to check out her website to see what is going on and where!! They sometimes go to Queens as well. They  rented a large fishing boat last summer with food + drink which flowed for the singles. She's had BBQ parties at many parks and beaches including Jones Beach, upstate NY bus trip to the Renaissance Faire, (She has also done white water rafting), miniature golf at Eisenhower Park, single's dances (56th Fighters Club in Farmingdale next to airport-- where I met Jennifer) speed dating and fondue parties at restaurants all over LI and Queens!

Its all about getting out and meeting other singles who like to have fun!! She'll probably have a ski trip (Jennifer + I would probably go- yes she loves skiing and riding too) and hikes in the state parks upstate planned, mountain biking and maybe even a camping trip too; Gail is smart (and I know she is-- oh yes, this is now her Full Time job-- she has no boss or 9-5 job)!

Since I'm happy as a pig in s... for her introducing me to Jennifer I'm sending her this email thanking her for the 2nd time-- so she knows that what she does is great and is affecting people's lives in a positive way. She should know most people are probably too lazy to take the time to fill her in on details like this.... but not me!!

Your friend,
And ...  Jim last reported on May 26, 2010 
In case u are wondering -- Jennifer and I are still dating and enjoying our time together-all thanks to you introducing us

Labor Day Weekend BBQ  ~   THANK YOU NOTE
Dear Gail,
I just wanted to share with you how your efforts touched me and to thank you so much.

This past weekend I had a horrible experience with another singles organization that included my children. When we arrived my children and I did not feel welcome, at all. I initiated introducing myself and tried to get the other kids to play with my kids. It was terribly disappointing and rejecting. So, I decided to leave. We left early Sunday morning. I was so happy to be home, yet I felt disheartened over the experience. My kids decided to go to their Dad's house. So when I checked my email, I saw your event for today. I had remembered having so much fun at the last event I attended,  I decided to go to the BBQ on 9/5/10. When I arrived I ran into some people I had met at other events of yours I attended. I can not tell you how welcome I felt and accepted. I loved playing the volleyball and talking to other people. Although, you must get thank you emails for those who make that "love connection", I wanted to write you to thank you for having this business. I know you put a lot of work and effort to make the events successful. 

And I have tremendous gratitude for having a place to go today- which was the highlight of my weekend! 

It was exactly what my damaged soul needed for some healing, from the awful experience with the other singles organization.  

I will see you at future events.

BBQ at Belmont Lake State Park  ~   THANK YOU NOTE
I had a great time Sunday at the BBQ. It was the first BBQ I have ever attended with you. So far, I really like all of your events. I can't tell you how your organization has changed my life. I use to sit home on my days off and clean. Now I made some new lady friends at the luncheons and even though I haven't meet Mr. Rights just yet, I loved the speed dating too. Thanks Gail. Your doing a great job....


Lobster/Landlubber BBQ in the Park  ~   THANK YOU NOTE
I wanted to express my sincere thanks for a great single's party event held on Saturday.  The people were very nice and sociable, and I was surprised as to how many showed up.  Overall the party was fantastic and most people were involved with others, and such perfect weather for the occasion.

I enjoy volunteering myself, especially when I have some free time on my hands in my busy hectic schedule each month.  Believe it or not, yesterday was indeed a time for me to relax and enjoy the company of others and in helping out – of which I did. 
Thanks, and have a great weekend - and pass my best regards to John, for he was a wonderful, hard working, friendly cook.
Mickey (Michael)  Z

Finley's SPEED DATING   ~   Jessia's Connection
Hi Gail! 
I attended the speed dating event in Huntington on Thursday and wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed myself.  It was the first time I tried speed dating and I would highly recommend it to everyone I know! I actually went on a date with one of my matches yesterday and we had a really lovely time! He was my first choice and I was just so delighted that I was able to meet him and get to know him better. I just wanted to thank you for organizing the event and restoring my faith in finding the right person! 

Thank you!!!  :)
Love, Jessica

Speed Dating Event  ~   Brian's THANK YOU NOTE
Thanks a lot Gail! I just wanted to say Rob and I both had a tremendous time the other night. We weren't sure about what to expect, but it certainly exceeded our expectations. We both were very happy with the results. Definitely look forward to doing it again!

Speed Dating Event  ~   Katie's THANK YOU NOTE
Hi Gail,
Thanks for the opportunities!  I personally think "7 in Heaven speed dating" is great.  It gave me the opportunity to determine potential compatibility and chemistry. Furthermore, I had the chance to see how I felt and interacted with other possible candidates---opposed to online dating where you can only measure potential through an IM chat box! lol!
I'll keep you posted if it turns out to be a success.  Should I come across any single friends, I will tell them about 7 in Heaven.

Speed Dating Party ~  Jack & Peggy
Dear Gail,

Peggy and I really hit it off, and I wanted to thank you. I feel like a kid again.

I also wanted to tell you that I think Speed Dating is the best invention since sliced bread.  For people like me, who don't do well just walking up to strangers in bars (or elsewhere), it is a way to meet more people in one night than I might otherwise meet in years. Peggy is a computer geek (like me), likes the same entertainment that I do, and we also share a similar sense of humor and outlook on life.
Thanks again,

Speed Dating   ~ Peggy and Jack
I know that Jack already e-mailed you a few weeks ago but I wanted to offer my thanks to you also for running such a great service.

I am truly believing I found the "mythical unicorn" in Jack.  I was beginning to think that wonderful men (the mythical unicorns) didn't exist, at least for me. You hear about them, some claim to have seen them, but it's still a myth to you and, frankly, a girl's gotta see it with her own eyes.  I gave speed dating a shot figuring that if someone was going to schedule a time and plunk down a few dollars to meet someone, maybe they'd actually be looking for something real.  I was hopeful, yet guarded.  Along comes Jack, with everything I ever hoped for in a man.  Kindness, awesome humor, talent, brains, compassion, emotional availability, gentlemanly, considerate, passionate and responsible (and more!), all tied up in an impressive package (topped with an incredible smile) that is easy to get along with and brings real joy to my life.  My friends are astounded at how I found this "mythical unicorn" and are spreading the word about how good speed dating really can be. If you didn't bring this service to Long Island, I'd still be searching.  Thank you so much for putting this all together, you've changed our lives.

Comedy Night Out ~  THANK YOU NOTE
I think its important you know how much you touch people's lives...I went to the Comedy Night for singles last Tuesday night and met 4 other outstanding people. The laughter broke the ice and we all became friends rather quickly. We email a great deal and  are all having dinner together on Friday night. You never know what happens when you break out of your comfort zone and just come to one of your events. Friendships help the loneliness of singleness.  Now we all have something to look forward to on the weekends as well as the new year. See you soon at the Salsa dancing and the ice skating events. Thanks for all you do. Your passion shows. I tell everyone they should go.
Thanks again

Ladies Social Networking ~ make new Friends ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Thank you for the lovely event today.  It looks like you take this very seriously, and would like to connect single people to each other.

I appreciate your efforts and your follow-up.  I will definitely take you up on some events. I and my bereavement group friend, Eileen, are interested in the seal watching event on March 21. Sounds like fun. I am so impressed with your calendar and online payments. Very professional.

Thanks again.  It was great meeting you and I’ll see you again soon.

Fondue Mingle + Speed Dating ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Thanks so much, I had a lovely time and look forward to coming to more events.
You are a wonderful hostess and everyone commented after how great a lady you are and how creative with events.

Speed POOL (Billiard) ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Wanted to say thanks Gail. I had a really good time at the Speed Pool event.

Hi Gail, 
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done, I had a great time last night with my first speed dating event, one match and a few new friends, not bad! 

X-treme Bowling Mixer  ~  LOVE CONNECTION
Hey Gail,
I attended the speed bowling back on November 7th and met Andrea there. We hit it off and have enjoyed a great Christmas holiday together. So far so good ! I just wanted to thank you for the night out and opportunity to meet someone.  Keep up the good work & healthy New Year. 
From JOE
Hi Gail, 
This is Andrea.  I met Joe at the bowling event on November 7th.  Just wanted to let you know that we are still dating and very happy.  I am so glad I went to my first and hopefully last single event.  Good Luck and Happy New Year.

 Joe & Andrea

Speed-POOL (Billiard) ~  THANK YOU NOTE

Hi Gail, Great night thoroughly enjoyed the POOL event, forgot to fill in card but I did have my eye out for 2 gals that attended!


Event-X-treme Bowling  ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Thanks so much, Gail!  I really enjoyed the bowling.  Even though I haven't bowled since high school, you made it a lot of fun and I would definitely go back to that place again on a "real" date some time soon!


X-treme Bowling ~  LOVE CONNECTION
Hey 7 in Heaven Single Events! Just wanted to give you guys an update. Me and Julie Anne have been together since the bowling event.

We are very happy and are crazy about each other. So thank you very much and good luck with bringing other people together. 

X-treme Bowling Mixer  ~  THANK YOU NOTE
I just love the places that you choose.  We all enjoyed ourselves. 
Have a great day!

I had a great time at the X-treme Bowling event. More than any other singles event  I went to. 
I plan on going to more events

Hi Gail,
The event was great, Chris and I had a ball! All of the ladies were great, I enjoyed talking to each and every one of them. I am going to correspond with the matches you sent and I look forward to your next event in Queens.

Speed-Dating Event ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Hi Gail,
Just wanted to say thank you for a fun evening of speed dating this past Thurs night at Mac's. It was definitely a fun experience for me and something I would like to do again. Anyway, thanks again for a fun time.  
See you again soon!  

Speed-Dating Event Farmingdale ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Good Morning Gail:
I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time at your event at Palmer's last evening. As a newcomer to SPEED DATING, I had no pre-conceived notion of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The venue was beautiful, the food was great and the experience a positive one! I would certainly entertain the possibility of attending more of your events. Keep up the good work!

Speed Dating event in Manhasset ~  THANK YOU NOTE
You're doing a great job Gail; your assistant is also very cordial and professional which bodes well with your fine reputation of presenting fun events! Continued success to you! :)

Picnic-BBQ Singles Event at Belmont Park  ~  THANK YOU NOTE
I had a wonderful time at your barbeque, and I applaud you for holding these type of events. You were very organized, friendly and efficient. The food was good and plentiful.  Keep up the wonderful job you're doing helping singles meet.

Speed-Dating in Mineola ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Hi Gail: 
I enjoyed meeting you and all of the daters on Friday evening.  I really had a very nice time. Your event was very well coordinated and I will certainly be willing to try another event. Thank you and have a great day!!!! 


Young Singles Event in Farmingdale ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Hi Gail,
I wanted to thank you for a real fun night last night. You did an excellent job coordinating. Again, thank you so much for all your time and effort. Jackie and I had tons of fun.

X-Treme BOWLING Event in Melville ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Hello Gail,
Had a really good time last night. I didn’t think it would be as good as it was, but I was wrong. Please keep me informed of future events.

Talk with you soon,

Hi Gail,
Thanks for the match list. This was a fun event, and a good exercise in "getting out there." I'll check your site for more events and look forward to seeing you again.
Very best,

Speed-Dating in Oyster Bay ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Hello Gail,
I had a great time at Il Piatto on Friday. The event was very classy and the men were all gentlemen. 

Speed-Dating in Oyster Bay ~  THANK YOU NOTE;
Hi Gail,
I was at your speed-dating event last night, and just wanted to thank you and tell you how nice it was. I've been to 2 others, and yours was by far the best. The restaurant was lovely; having the band and good atmosphere afterwards was a plus. I was impressed that you included a drink and the appetizers, it felt classier, and seemed to draw a more upscale crowd. I will definitely recommend you to my single friends! Please have more events on the North Shore!!!

Speed-Dating Event ~  THANK YOU NOTE
Thanks for holding these events, they are very nice, warm feeling and definitely and opportunity to meet that special someone.