SUN MAY 28, 2017

BBQ in the PARK

Things to consider before offering to volunteer

1. PLEASE if you have something else to do that day, please pass on volunteering
2. You will be on your feet ALL DAY lots of walking required
3. *Volunteers must buy a ticket to attend the BBQ
*Refunded after all obligations are fulfilled



Belmont Lake State Park 

     625 Belmont Ave Babylon, NY 

 (Exit 38 off Southern State Pkwy) (map)



BELMONT LAKE STATE PARK is located directly off

Southern State parkway exit 38 

can arrive by Sunrise hwy exit 38

head NORTH on Belmont Ave

turn RIGHT onto SYLVAN RD -

short distance turn RIGHT into Park entrance 



Only one large parking lot - when you pass thru gates, park near toll booth side - look for UHAUL Truck in parking lot. Walk on path w/ signs directing you - 

Look for BANNER 7 in Heaven next to ROW BOATS 


Bring your own chairs ~ Bring own Beer/ Wine (BYOB) 

BBQ crowd starts arriving at 1pm

Beautiful SUNNY DAY is expected !  

As long as it hasn't rained that morning we will hold it.

Volunteer registration open -  limited to 11 spots 

Things to consider before offering to volunteer

*Volunteers must buy a ticket to attend the BBQ
Everyone that fulfills all obligations of the day, will receive:
1. Refunded the $25 entrance the next business day
2. Receive a cash gratuity thank you
3. Refund parking fee if needed - *MUST SAVE RECEIPT to get refunded

BELMONT LAKE State Park does charge a NEW YORK STATE parking fee of $8 to park (unless you have a EMPIRE pass- its free to park)
I will refund your parking fee at the end of the day- SAVE YOUR PARKING receipt for refund


We have FUN but the help does mean ~ 

LOTS of WALKING ~ on your feet all day! 

Your presence is needed and required all day. However, because this is a TEAM effort- we will organize "shifts" so everyone can have fun. 

Flexible volunteers needed as sometimes you may have to change a position or shift time if someone drops out at the last minute. 

PLEASE if you have something else to do that day ...

If you already have another commitment this day (family, work whatever...) let someone else volunteer that has the entire day to devote to helping. *If you leave the event before 5:30pm you will forfeit your thank you gratuities pay

If you make this commitment to help, but your plans change and CAN NOT make the committed time to work or you change your mind about helping,  I would greatly appreciate you CONTACT ME to let me know ASAP - I usually have a wait list of helpers 

The thank you gratuity for helping is as follows

Everyone receives a refund for FREE ENTRANCE to BBQ and the following:

*Morning Helper

(hours 7:00am- 10:30am and 4:30- 5:30pm) 
Requires Heavy lifting
and gratuity $25 for those that help for the morning AND help from 4pm- 6:30pm for Break down and with this position, you will have plenty of time to socialize at event with food and games in between!

COOKS - (Arrive at 10:30am) $50 -$100 Gratuity
depending on how many hours worked prep before and breakdown cleanup after BBQ
BBQ food cooked from- 12:30pm- 4:00pm 

Sign in's and greeter (Arrive at 11:30am *for OVERVIEW MEETING)

$25 gratuity each  (2 more needed) 

Food Helpers -
(Arrive at 11:30am)  

$25 gratuity each  (2 more Needed) 




DESCRIPTIONS of the positions needed

Morning Early Shift  SET-UP and BREAK DOWN  2 needed
Unload truck, Need to set up tent for food, move tables, set up volley ball net, coolers, breakdown load truck at end. (7am- 10:30am) for set up and 4:30- 5:30pm for breakdown)
so if you don't feel you may be up to it, pass on this position.

COOK  2 needed (prep before and breakdown cleanup after)  
BBQ open- 12:30pm- 4pm

Food helpers 2 needed
Hang around the food table- and keep table organized, add more plates if needed, carry cooked food from BBQ grill area of cooks to table, show the guest where the food is... ( People cant find things ... ketchup and other condiments) we also frequently have a separate "warmer " BBQ for the Baked Beans and Corn. Since there are 2 of you... please work together and take turns at this position.  Set up trays with ICE for cold salads and HOT trays for hot food. Ice Tea and Lemonade containers too. 


Enough help to make 2 separate shifts for the front sign-in table.

4 people will be on first shift,  which is most busy
and 2 people to cover the and 2 will work the second shift front desk 
I will also be at the front to help with all for the 1st shift.
Sign in can get rather hectic.
1. one person and myself will do the sign in check list, have the person sign in and Give a NAME TAG and take the money. 
Once payment is made- we will make the name tag which is their "receipt" so we know they paid

*We all need to EXPLAIN to all paid SINGLES ATTENDING they must wear the tags- this is PROOF they have paid.

2 more volunteers will be helping at the front - receive the person who has just signed in- show the guest the lists of sign in sheets for: VOLLEYBALL,  SCAVENGER HUNT,  Trivia GAME ... ALL of these games are included (free)
Encourage them to sign up for something to meet and mingle with guests-
make new friends

ALSO Sign in sheet for: Psychic Readings  FEES are posted.
COST amount will be listed on sign in sheet, and you can show them the prepared sheet with a "bio" for the Psychic.

SIGN IN Volunteers also helps explain the "date match cards" and how they work 

**NEED some enthusiasm with this job.. as we need you to also encourage the singles arriving to sign-up on these sheets. 

After all that's how you get to meet people!

1 registration volunteer will be assigned to be SELLER of

A GREETER is also needed - help with GAMES Registration "GREETER
" is like a hostess - after the guest has signed in for all... the GREETER escorts the guest to a table area. Shows them a place to sit. We will have "suggested seating" for age groups. If the guest is has come alone- GREETER will introduce her to a few at the tables that has already arrived. Introducing is easy since everyone has a name tag!  ...
 Simply say "Excuse me so and so.... I would like to introduce you to "NAME of guest"  he/she has just arrived!
 I have found 99% of the time everyone is very eager to welcome them as they understand -especially for women- how hard it is to walk in alone.

Greeter will also assist during the BBQ to gather up the groups that have signed up for GAMES and get them rolling!

Thank you for your help!


Gail Adams- Event Coordinator

7 in-Heaven Singles Events
On your search for the one, we make being single fun!

Web site-

631- 592-9804

EMAIL: gail@7inheavensingles.com