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Discounted Single Events Thinking about attending several events a month?

Here's a great way to save a bundle!

For a nominal fee of $35 enjoy saving $10 on every event
for 6 months! So if you attend 4 events a month, for 6 months you would save $240

CLICK HERE to pay $35

and start receiving
$10 off every event for 6 Months!
Rules and Regulations
  • Non refundable purchase, but membership may be frozen
  • May not "backdate" for membership freezes. The day you email with your request to freeze membership, begins the day of your freeze.
  • While you are a member of the discount club, you may not purchase tickets for events and pass along to your friends. Members only enjoy the great savings per event. Your friends can get a promotional discount- see REFER A FRIEND for more information

  • Any event that has a value of $10 or less is FREE. However any balance difference between the actual price and the $10 discount does not accumulate toward another event. EXAMPLE- event cost is $7 you get the event for FREE, the $3 difference is not applicable toward future event.
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