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Single and Like to Travel ? 

Well you don't have to go it alone... 


7 in Heaven and Ann's  Travel Adventures 

Have teamed up together 

to bring you affordable group tours. 



"Ann's Adventures In Travel" has unique experiences and exciting adventures for single adults. 

Trips are personalized and have many options with a local flavor  

  Travel in small groups to near and far destinations with planned excursions

 to various off the beaten path locations.  

Come with us to make new friends and memories to last a lifetime.


Story from one of our members that traveled alone for the very first time !

Geri's Trip to Italy 2013 
Geri is a widow and had never ever traveled abroad by herself, but pushed thru her nervous fears and was amazed and very pleased with the whole outcome! Geri reported the Italy tour was amazing. She bonded so well with the tour guide and the small group she traveled with, that she became good friends with all. Since then Geri has planed trips to visit her new friends and travel together again!


So break-through those fears and start living today


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