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Payment Terms and Conditions for Members below

To keep the environment fun, low-pressure, comfortable and safe, participants must observe the following
  1. THIS RULE APPLIES TO ALL EVENTS - Pre-payment reserves your seat
    Speed Dating requires pre-payment to reserve a seat, as we balance a list of men and women. Many other types of events require pre-payment also which will be posted. CASH OPTIONS for payment are available on some events but the cost will be $5 higher then the pre-payment. Those that choose to pay CASH should RSVP but understand it does not guarantee you seat, pre-payment does. Read additional PAYMENT TERMS

  2. THIS APPLIES ONLY to SPEED DATING EVENTS - Do not ask anyone out on a date directly
    Please refrain from asking anyone for contact information or giving out contact information (not even a business card) at Speed Dating Events. Those that are interested in keeping in touch with you, will indicate that on the Speed Dating selection sheet. Your "MATCHES", will receive your contact information the next day. *7 in Heaven does not give anyone contact information without your permission (only your matches) *SEE FAQ

    *Other less structured events you may ask directly for contact information, or ask the coordinator of the event for a MAKE A CONNECTION CARD for a subtle and less direct way of requesting contact information. 

    There will be an equal proportionate male to female ratio All other activity or sporting events, dances, dinner parties or special events- gender ratio will vary and may not be equal

  4. THIS APPLIES to ALL EVENTS - You must represent yourself in an honest manner
    That includes not lying about your age or marital status before signing up for an event.

  5. THIS APPLIES to ALL EVENTS - Be respectful of yourself and others
    You may not ask any sexually explicit questions nor say or do (including gestures) anything that may be interpreted as being threatening or sexual harassing. For the concern and well being of everyone attending our events, we reserve the right to ask anyone with rude, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior to not return to any future events.

  6. THIS APPLIES to ALL EVENTS - Self responsibility at activity or sport events
    Understand any sport or social activity you partake in, no matter how simple it may be, could involve possible personal injury - so consider your safety responsibility. You agree that you are participating in our events at your own risk, and are voluntarily participating in these activities, assuming all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge 7 in Heaven Singles Events from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of any personal injuries or damages that may occur during any and all activity, sports or social events

  7. THIS APPLIES to ALL EVENTS - Date Wisely
    Although we do ask some basic screening questions, we do not complete any formal type of back-ground checks on anyone attending. Therefore you are completely solely responsible for your interactions with anyone you meet at an event and make any arrangements to date or any other types of meetings arranged.

  8. 7 in Heaven is not a *Personal Matchmaking Service
    Many singles make great connections at our events, but keep in mind we are a social activity club giving you fun opportunities to meet singles.

When you make a payment, 7 in Heaven emails you a confirmation of the payment, with an outline of the events itinerary, time and place to meet. Our speed-dating events rely on equal numbers of men and women to pair for each round of dates. Out of consideration for the other participants, please make every effort to attend and be on time. Please appreciate that last minute cancellations and "no shows" or leaving an event early does impact others' participation.

In the event that you need to cancel and give us at least 24 hours prior notice by email, to the scheduled event's date, we will allow you a credit to reschedule to any future event. If 72 hours notice is given by email, a complete refund will be allowed.

If you aren't able to attend an event for which your have registered and paid, out of consideration for others, please exercise the courtesy of letting us know ASAP. Ideally, the best solution if you were signed up for a SPEED DATING EVENT, is for you to pass along your admission to a friend of the same sex and within the event's stated age group so as not to throw off our balance of matches. If you are unable to send a replacement, we'll attempt to replace you from a wait list (if there is one).

Because 7 in Heaven does not charge any membership fee for our services; some activity events and single mingles may have a small price difference then the venue may be charging per person. This affords you a "pay as you go" freedom of choice to pay, rather then pay a large amount for a membership fee which you may not use; especially if you meet someone right away! If you are thinking of going to several events, you may want to read about our optional VIP DISCOUNT CLUB to save money and get in some events for FREE!

Please be advised that just like any event ticket purchase, there are NO refunds or credits of any kind for a "No Show" or leaving an event early.
Once your registration is confirmed and paid (your credit or debit card is charged or your check or money order received), your sale is final. 

"No Show" Explained - If you do not show at an event, and have not called or emailed us prior to let us know you will not be attending, you will be charged full price when you register for your next event - absolutely no credit given. This "NO SHOW" also applies if you are rescheduling a CREDIT from a previous cancellation - no future credit will be issued. Same for leaving an event early before it is over, no future credit will be applied .

No Matches at Speed Dating Events
*If you receive NO matches at all if you choose no one, or if no one chooses you . . . I will give you a 1/2 price credit toward your next SPEED DATING EVENT.
FRIEND matches does count towards a MATCH
*No match applies only to Speed Dating Events - all other types of activity events does not apply

My concern for all is to have a good time and meet new friends. Now let's have some FUN!

All the best,