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9th Annual Kris Kringle Mingle Holiday Party 

Dec 16th 2017 ~ Arrive 7:30pm (ends at 12am)

Fun informal Holiday Spirit Single Mingle at  

The Hub Billiards Club 
4060 Austin Blvd. 
Island Park, NY 11558 (map)

Suggested ages 40's 50's
60's+ and older

Celebrate with us, while meeting singles at this fun informal Holiday Spirit Single Mingle

-  Introductions, Smorgasbord of fine Buffet food ~ Served from 7:45pm-9:30pm
Fresh Salads, Vegetable Lasagna, Chicken, Desserts Coffee, (CASH BAR) 

Our Private Party is located upstairs with Live Music by
That 231 BAND, on Stage with a nice size Dance Floor.
Band 231 plays Pop Rock Hits from the 60's 70's 80's & Today

Be a Kid again, enjoy all the games available;
such as Air Hockey, several Pool Tables & more

Make a Connection Cards Provide to all

BRING a GRAB BAG Gift valued from $5- $10 
SANTA helpers will help give out the Presents!

Gift ideas below...(scroll down)

RE-GIFTING is allowed  
Everyone will draw a number to pick a gift from the pile

*Grab Bag Gifts available for purchase at $8 each if you forget one or don't have the time

You are encouraged to MINGLE and maybe someone will trade with you
Donate your gift 
Basket will be set up if you wish to donate your gift to a local charity.

CLICK HERE to pay $34 now and reserve

SAVE $5 extra PRE-PAID with a FRIEND!
($29 EACH) pre-paid by Fri 12/15

CLICK HERE to apply for extra Discount

CASH at the door option $39.00 DAY of event 

FIRST TIME ? Sign up HERE on the web site

RE-GIFT that present you got that you will never use 
turn it into a treasure for someone else 

Kris Kringle Mingle for Singles
Grab Bag Gift Ideas $5 - $10 value

1. Gourmet coffee with a personal coffee cup
2. Pound of pistachios
3. Teacup with box of herbal tea
4. Holiday serving bowl or platter
5. Homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar
6. Bottle of sparkling cider
7. Home baked bread or cookies, include recipe
8. Special coffee cup filled with candy
9. Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns
10.Gourmet popcorn and flavored oil
11.Barbecue or steak sauce with basting Brush or Fork
12.Specialty cookbook
13.Basket with some kitchen gadgets 
(can opener, jar opener baster…)
14.Set of dish towels and dish cloths

15. Gel pens and pretty stationary
16. Journal and or Calendar 2009 17. Address book
18. Photo Frame
19. Photo album
20. Disposable camera or rolls of film
21. Book of stamps
22. Special soaps and bath puff
23. Books, there are still a few for under $10
24. Small clock or radio
25. Flashlight with batteries
26. Umbrella
27. Nice Key chain
28. Wine “jewelry” rings/ glass charms
29. Wine Cork Screws or other accessories
30. Beer “Coozy” Holders
31. Point-setter plant
32. Christmas ornaments
33. Candles
34.Christmas MUSIC CD

35. Video Gift card + bag of microwave popcorn
36. Deck of cards and book of card game rules
37. Movie theater gift certificates
38. Board games (Chess/backgammon)
39. Puzzles – Rubik’s Cube or Board Puzzle
40. Exercise Resistance Bans
41. Walking Pedometer

43. Nice socks, still under $10
44. Winter Scarf
45. Gloves
46. Hat
47. Sunglasses

48. Ice Scraper / Snow Brush
49. Car Fresheners / Tire Gauge -Pressure checker
50. Car WASH – Bucket/ sponge / Soap

RE-GIFTING is encouraged ! 
Turn that gift that you received that has no use or value to you... into a treasure for someone else. 

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to answer any questions you may have about our events