How to Register for our Personal Private Matchmaking Program

OK you are about to complete the first step in our personal matchmaking program.

You may be surprised how much information we are collecting,
but all of the questions are needed to make a much better lasting match for you.

Many times people connect solely on physical attraction dazzled by looks...they will
overlook major differences in deeply held values, finding themselves with the wrong partner
YES physical attraction is needed but not as much as the overall core values one has.

If you come to a question that the answers don't seem to apply to you at all, please use the comments box at the bottom to explain or add any additional information about yourself you feel would help us in the search.

After you complete the form, you will receive an email asking you to call us for a consultation to discuss and confirm your answers and send us a picture of yourself for our files.

* Heavenly Match and 7 in Heaven never shares your email or any personal information with anyone without your permission

Your AGE  
Your Date of Birth  
Gender MaleFemale
Cell Phone w/ area code 
TOWN/City and STATE you live in

What is your RELIGION

How important is RELIGION in your life? Central to my life
Somewhat important
Not Religious

Would you date someone that does NOT have the SAME RELIGIOUS BELIEFS as yourself?

Please explain...

What is your ETHNICITY  



Would you date someone that was NOT the same ETHNICITY as yourself?


ALL - I am open to all ethnicities   

I am only attracted to my own ethnicity   

Please list any Ethnicities you WOULD BE OPEN TO DATING

What type of RELATIONSHIP are you looking for


Casual Long Term Marriage
(never married)

Divorced / Separated / Widowed

How many TIMES have you been MARRIED?


If you were married - HOW LONG WERE YOU MARRIED?
* if you were married more then once- write the longest marriage 


If you were living with someone - HOW LONG were you LIVING TOGETHER?


Would you RELOCATE for someone?


Do you have PETS?
* If YES - write in the PETS you have living with you
EX: one dog + 2 cats




YES - I am open- Love all animals

NO - I am Allergic / or - don't like Pets

MAYBE - *if there are some exceptions to PETS please write in this Box


What is your EDUCATION background?


How important is it to you, that your partner have a FORMAL EDUCATION?


Not important -open to all

Somewhat important -would be nice, but ok if not 

Must have a formal Education

Your Occupation

How many HOURS a week do you WORK? 

Do you TRAVEL much for WORK?  

No Travel for Work

Some Travel once a month or less throughout the year 

Travel often for work

What is your YEARLY INCOME ?


Select your income  

How important is your PARTNER'S INCOME 

NOT important to me 

Yes income does matter


If ...INCOME MATTERS Please Explain....

Do you have CHILDREN ?



Enter the approximate AGES of all your CHILDREN


What is your CUSTODIAL or LIVING arrangements with YOUR CHILDREN?


Are you open to dating someone that HAS CHILDREN?



MAYBE - as long as they weren't young children 

YES, doesn't matter


Do you WANT to have CHILDREN?
(or want to have more if you already have children)




Not Sure

What is your SMOKING Habits?


Select one 

Would you DATE a SMOKER ?



Maybe-if they didn't smoke much or trying to quit

Yes, I don't mind if they smoke


Do you DRINK ?


Select one 


What DRINKING BEHAVIOR would you want your partner to have ?



Social Drinker

Often - daily

Do you DO ANY kind of *DRUGS?
This includes Pot smoking or any other kind of recreational drugs
Select one 


What RECREATIONAL DRUG BEHAVIOR would you want your partner to have ?


None ever

Socially occasionally

I am totally OK with it whenever




How much EXERCISE ACTIVITY LEVEL would you want your PARTNER TO HAVE ?



I need someone that is SOMEWHAT ACTIVE with sports or exercise

OFTEN - I need to date someone that takes Exercise seriously -very active 

What is YOUR BODY TYPE ?  

Choose your HEIGHT

Choose your BODY BUILD


Please write/describe in the box ALL BODY TYPES you would be open to and would CONSIDER DATING


Enter the age range that you would consider for a prospective partner 

Ages 35-49

MIM HEIGHT would you want your partner to be

MAX HEIGHT would you want your partner to be


*Helpful information Tell me a little more about you...
Hobbies, interests, how you like to have fun.
Enter any special instructions or helpful additional information about yourself in the box below 

confirming you read terms and conditions

By submitting this form - I certify I have read and accepted the terms and conditions as stated below and posted on this web site





Payment Terms

After you have completed this application, you will receive an email asking for $99 payment to process your application.

By making the payment of $99, you agree and understand this processing fee is non-refundable and paid for services which includes:

1. Personality evaluation - Phone interview or in person meeting to go over your application - verify your answers and collect additional information about you

2. Collecting and private storing and of your photos - Edits to be made to your photos (photo's contrast and sharpness, cropping of others out of photos)

3. Creation of a client profile - Taking the information about you, and then creating a brief synopsis of you to present with the photos to potential matches.

4. Matching (based upon compatibility) of potential clients -Time taken to search our database, compare notes and make assessment for potential matches

5. Basic background check - White pages and internet background check to verify information you gave about yourself was actuate and that you are not a NYS registered sex offender.

6. Entrance into the DISCOUNT CLUB Receive $10 any event and a courtesy one FREE Speed Dating event. SEE DETAILS


The actual introduction and setting up of dates affiliated by Gail Adams of Heavenly Match will require an additional fee  $75 per date after your approval and the approval of the other party (Photos are viewed) 

No minimum or maximum number of dates! Unlimited choices for one year.
Subsequent dates with same individual are not charged.
The aforementioned $75 for our service of finding you a match is due when you and the other party approve a first date.
There are no guarantees as to how many matches you will receive.
Frequency will vary from month to month.

Your Heavenly Match application and membership is good and active for a period of one year from the date of payment. 


Guidelines for Members 

 1. Although we do ask screening questions, and complete a  back-ground check, you understand that you are completely solely responsible for your interactions with anyone you meet at an event and make any arrangements to date or any other types of meetings arranged. Please remember to use common sense and caution with meeting 

Here are some suggestions for safety on the first date:

Remember getting to know each other is not a race, take your time. 

Agree to meet in a well-lit open public place where there'll be others nearby.

Do not agree for one of you to provide transportation for the other or to be picked up at your home. Drive to the meeting location yourself. 

Plan to bring a cell phone and have the number of the person whom you're meeting handy.

Tell someone like a relative or friend about your plans and write down the details of the meeting in a date book or on a calendar.


2. Be respectful of yourself and others. If it is reported that you asked any sexually explicit questions or said or did (including gestures) anything that may be interpreted as being threatening or sexual harassing, you contract will be void. 


3. You agree to give permission to Gail Adams and/or its agents to perform a background check. If the results of the background check are determined unsatisfactory by Gail Adams the client understands that he/she will not be accepted as a client. The client understands that the background check and determination of suitability.

4. The client affirms that all the information provided to Gail Adams is accurate, truthful and not misleading. The client understands and agrees, that if the information provided to Gail Adams proves to be false, Gail Adams is granted the right, by the client, to cancel this contract with no refund to the client.

5. Gail Adams is granted the right, by the client, to use and share some basic client information for use in matchmaking clients

6. Gail Adams does not sell any personal information to any third parties. All client information is kept strictly confidential and will be only used in an effort to match client with other clients. The client authorizes Gail Adams to refer you the client, to other clients by revealing any information deemed appropriate by Gail Adams. Referrals are based on a determination of potential compatibility of clients by Gail Adams from the information she has received from you.

7. For the concern and well being of every member, we reserve the right to ask anyone with rude, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior to not return

    Let the journey begin!


       CHECKS are accepted

    Make Checks payable to:
    7-in-Heaven Singles Events
    *Please enclosed a note "for matchmaking services" and your phone number with your check

    Mail Checks to
    7-in-Heaven Singles Events
    Attention Gail Adams
    P.O. Box 138
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757